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Your used commercial ovens Australia is one of the most important pieces of commercial kitchen equipment. Whether a independent restaurant or a large eateries. The chances are your oven gets used for most of the hours in the day. This guide is designed to help you find the right oven for your business.


Used commercial Ovens Australia
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The oven range is one of the most common models of oven. It features a large internal oven capable of holding various sized gastronorms for cooking meats, pastries or desserts. While having open gas burners. Hence some of our ovens feature a full size built in griddle. Or half open burners and half griddle plate giving you the flexibility to cook a whole range of foods.

  • Space Saving: prevents buying two or more separate appliances.
  • GN Compatible: many oven ranges are gastronorm compatible, allowing quick transfer of pans between appliances
  • Flexible: dual functionality of oven and hob cooking


Used commercial Ovens Australia
Contact us about our used commercial ovens Australia

convection oven, also called a fan oven. Is made with an internal fan that distributes heat throughout the oven. Above all this method of cooking reduces meat shrinkage and cooking times, meaning you get more for your money.

Further more these cookers are ideal for traditional bakeries, restaurants and event catering. As some of the most efficient versions can run from a single 13A plug.

  • Better Yield: reduced cooking times lean meats retain more of their weight
  • Even Cooking: a consistent temperature throughout the oven
  • GN Compatible: many convection oven are gastronorm compatible, allowing quick transfer of pans between appliances
  • Better Browning: the improved air distribution helps to render fat and brown food better
  • Fast: fan heat distribution reduces cooking times by around 25%


Conveyor Oven
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As a result for high volume cooking. A conveyor oven is an excellent choice, for the reason they are mostly used in takeaways. These quickly cook foods like pizza, burritos and pies. Mostly using rollers to slowly pull food past the cooking elements.

So almost anything that can be cooked in a standard oven can be cooked in a conveyor oven. Although it has to fit in a small 3-5” opening. Pizzas are commonly cooked in traditional stone base “deck” ovens. For the perfect thin or stuffed crust pizza.

  • Consistent: as the conveyor speed stays consistent, pies and pizza are cooked the same every time – great for multi-site businesses
  • Easy to Use: once the oven is on, all the user needs to do is place the food onto the conveyor – no buttons to push or costly training required
  • Stackable: both deck and conveyor ovens are usually stackable to double or even triple output


Combination Oven
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Combi ovens or combi steamers, above all are the most advanced and powerful cooking appliances. Because combi ovens cook using steam, convection or likewise a combination of both. For the reason that they can do the job of multiple other cookers. Finally removing the need to transfer pans between appliances.

Most noteworthy combination ovens cook with lot of steam. Therefore most models will need to be connected to a mains water supply. like wise overhead extraction may be required. Contact us about our used commercial ovens Australia

  • Very Flexible: Due to steaming, frying, roasting, baking, stewing, braising and more
  • Space Saving : Because everything can be done in a single machine, you may not need other bulky appliances
  • Manual or Programmable: Similarly control the combi yourself, or push a single button for complex stage cooking. Modern programmable versions usually have touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Better Browning: First of all it’s the same as convection ovens. Likewise combi ovens distribute air to render fat and brown food better than static ovens
  • Precise: Finally create dishes just how you want. Even more manual versions are designed for accurate temperature control
  • Size: Even more combination ovens are available in a range of sizes. From small to counter top versions, finally all the way up to large roll-in versions


Menumaster High Speed Oven

Certainly the name suggests, these ovens are built for ultra-fast cooking. Due to being up to 20 times quicker than traditional oven. Probably best placed in a fast paced businesses, because they combining multiple different cooking methods. Almost certainly ensure you get the results you want in a fraction of the time. Contact us about our used commercial ovens Australia

  • Compact: So these ovens usually cook food to order, because they don’t need to have capacities for batch cooking. As a result they are usually quite compact.
  • Ultra Fast: Also nothing else really compares to speed, due to there lightning fast results. Without compromising taste or texture.
  • Versatile: Because there’s not much that can’t be cooked in a high speed oven.



First of all, an oven which is too small may not have the capacity. Likewise if it’s too big it may not fit into your kitchen. Therefore make sure to measure up before you purchase.

Power Type

Ovens can use a variety of fuels. Gas, electricity or even solid fuels like charcoal or wood. Because commercial cookers can use a tremendous amount of power to run. Therefore it’s vital to check that there is sufficient power within your kitchen. Gas options include LPG or mains “natural” gas, whereas electric options are standard 15A plug or a powerful single phase or 3 phase connections.

Kitchen Ventilation

Noteworthy is if you install a professional oven, you may also need extraction. As a result Commercial canopies above all channels the smoke, heat and grease out of the kitchen. Probably making a better environment to work. Even more some appliances must have sufficient extraction to comply with local and national regulations. Contact us about our used commercial ovens Australia

Plumbing and Water

Mostly all steam combination ovens and some convection ovens require water connection. Because both similarly use the production of steam. For the cooking and cleaning process.

Therefore, pay attention to the positioning of the oven before purchase. To ensure it’s located close to a water connection. Also be aware of limescale, because it causes damage to ovens if allowed to build up. Finally you should fit a water filter due to validating its warranty.

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