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Display fridges certainly are a way to showcase food and drinks. They keep contents at the perfect serving temperature, also creating impulse buyers. Certainly the simplest way to merchandise.

Display fridges probably will be important part of your store. Hence looking smart while being reliable and easy to maintain is important. So fast and easy access is good. Above all customers must be able to access items. Therefore this guide will help you decide which used display fridge to buy.


Used commercial display fridges Australia

Commercial Bar Fridge

A commercial bar fridge is the perfect solution for displaying drinks. As fast customer service is vital.

Under bench bar fridges are compact in design. Hence they feature hinged or sliding doors. Also interior lighting will highlight drinks while grabbing customer’s attention. Maybe if you have more space, then probably an upright back bar fridge provides greater capacity.

Capacity and access are two key considerations. When deciding on a glass front fridge. Looks and power are also important, if you are running multiple fridges. Popular brands include Polar Refrigeration, Skope and Williams.

Used commercial display fridges Australia
Used commercial display fridges Australia

Commercial Wine Fridge

A wine cooler looks like a drinks fridge. However, they are quite different inside. A wine fridge has specially designed racks, to hold bottles securely. So some models will feature wooden shelves for strength. Also to protect the labels from scratches.

Different wines require different storage conditions. As a result a wine chiller must have a wider temperature control. Having your wine fridge at the correct temperature, ensures bring out the best flavours. Polar Refrigeration offer some of the market’s most popular wine coolers.

Used commercial display fridges Australia
Used commercial display fridges Australia

Refrigerated Merchandiser

A huge variety of display fridges are available. Likewise they all share the same purpose. To showcase your food the best possible way. Hence its the biggest group in our used commercial display fridge. These displays can range from a small glass door to a large counter top display fridge.

Much like a drink fridge, these are designed for shop displays. However, these units are positioned for assisted service. Counter top models are perfect as a dessert or cake display fridges. While large upright glass door fridges offer greater capacities and shelf space.

Most noteworthy the main buying factor is its function.

Contact us about Used commercial display fridges Australia

Used commercial display fridges Australia
Used commercial display fridges Australia

Refrigerated Servery

Servery refrigeration: A display fridge which assists with the preparation or display of chilled food. These can be used for buffets, likewise a tapas display fridge. For easy access to ingredients.

Hence counter top display fridges feature easy access, to gastronorm pans. Therefore the contents can be replaced quickly. Finally you can buy used counter drop-in fridges.


As a result display fridges are remarkably versatile. Also there’s a huge choice available. Finally this table provides an overview of fridges to suit you.

 Bar FridgeWine ChillerRefrigerated MerchandiserRefrigerated Servery
Chilled Food  
Chilled Drinks 
Ambient Food & Drink